Mariann Dalimonte Town of North Hempstead District 6 Democrat

Mariann Dalimonte Town of North Hempstead District 6 Democrat
North Hempstead District 6 Councilmember Mariann Dalimonte. (Photo courtesy of Mariann Dalimonte's office)

Councilwoman Mariann Dalimonte, a fourth-generation Port Washington resident, was elected to the 6th Council District in November 2019.

She previously served as executive director of the Port Washington BID and as director of development for Residents Forward (formally Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington).

As executive director, she collaborated with local businesses and residents, organizing the first restaurant week, as well as other popular programs.

She also served as treasurer of the Pride in Port Committee and sat on the boards of the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce, advisory board for the Ed Foundation and Port Washington Senior Citizens Center.

She was also the past president of the John Philip Sousa Elementary HSA, Weber Middle School HSA, and former board member of the Schreiber HSA. In 2021, Mariann also co-chaired the Schreiber Gambol.

Dalimonte, was a recipient of the 2012 Port Washington Chamber of Commerce Appreciation Award, the 2017 Town of North Hempstead Woman’s Roll of Honor, and was selected as the 2018 Pride in Port Community Honoree.

Dalimonte, earned a Bachelor of Science in accounting from LaRoche University in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Dalimonte's top three issues are:

  1. Lowering the cost of living
  2. Addressing the changing environment and effects of flooding
  3. Protecting the local quality of life

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