Stories come to life during Manhasset’s Children’s Book Week

Stories come to life during Manhasset’s Children’s Book Week
Parent volunteers served as guest readers during Children’s Book Week. (Photo courtesy of the Manhasset Public Schools)

Manhasset students from Munsey Park Elementary School and Shelter Rock Elementary School celebrated Children’s Book Week from Nov. 13-16. Members of the Manhasset School Community Association (SCA) organize this fun-filled week each year to promote literacy and a love of reading.

This year’s theme was “Read Books. Spark Change.” Throughout the week, each class visited their respective school library to participate in a read-aloud of a book selected for their grade level. Special guests such as building principals and family members volunteered their time to be guest readers. To make the visits extra special, some volunteers dressed like a character from the book that was being read. After the read-aloud, each class had fun guessing who was under the costume.

The week was a success as students enjoyed hearing new stories and interacting with the guest readers.

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