Searingtown School celebrated Unity Day

Searingtown School celebrated Unity Day
Searingtown students wrote about standing up to bullying and created a chain of orange. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

On Oct. 24, Searingtown School celebrated Unity Day, a day schools unite to
“stand up against bullying” in many ways.

All students and staff wore the color orange, the national bully prevention
color, and attended an informative assembly led by the school's psychologist/DASA coordinator, Maureen Andres, about the day’s significance.

She focused on how those at Searingtown can unite against bullying by acting as upstanders, not bystanders.

Teachers led a classroom activity that invited students to write a sentence on an orange piece of construction paper describing why it is important to stand up against bullying.

In the weeks following Unity Day, these pieces of construction paper will be linked together to create a “united chain”of orange throughout the hallways of the building.

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