Herricks students bond with veterans during visit

Herricks students bond with veterans during visit
WWII veteran and musicians Dominick Critelli with Herricks High School students. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Students in Herricks High School English 12 classes were honored to spend a recent morning with ten United States military veterans, including six World War II veterans and three Vietnam War veterans.

During the visit to the school, the students had the opportunity to hear stories from these heroes, including details about challenges they faced and lessons they learned during their time in the service and upon their return to civilian life. The students were excited to thank each of the veterans for their service and for taking their time to visit to the school for this intergenerational event.

As a follow up, the students created scrapbooks featuring photos from the visit and reflections on their conversations with the veterans. The scrapbooks were be packaged and mailed to the veterans' homes as surprise tokens of the students' appreciation.

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