Doug Kramer represents Herricks HS as ‘W!SE Gold Star' teacher

Doug Kramer represents Herricks HS as ‘W!SE Gold Star' teacher
(Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Herricks High School social studies teacher Doug Kramer has been awarded the 2018-19 W!SE Gold Star Teacher Award. To be eligible for this honor, teachers had classes achieve a 93 percent pass rate on either the Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 W!SE Financial Literacy Certification Test.

Students enrolled in Economics at Herricks High School take the W!SE test at the end of their semester. The course is an overview of central macro and micro topics with an emphasis on personal finance. The national W!SE test is designed to assess the financial literacy of high school students.

“The importance of students having a basic knowledge of how the economy works and their role in it cannot be understated,” Mr. Kramer said. “Most importantly, they learn how to manage the key financial aspects of their future.”

He shared that, for example, Economics students learn the importance of developing a sound financial plan of savings, investment, managing debt prudently and insurance.

Mr. Kramer is in his 19th year as a Herricks faculty member. He also teaches AP Economics, Government and World History. Gold Star Teachers were honored at the annual MoneyPOWER Institute in New York City on Nov. 5.

Submitted by Herricks Public Schools

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