Re-election of Mayor Ted Rosen

Re-election of Mayor Ted Rosen

As a member of The Village of Great Neck Residents Group we are writing to you to voice our support of the re-election of our esteem mayor, Mayor Ted Rosen, along with Deputy Mayor Pamela Marksheid and Trustee Michael Deluccia.

His concern for the well-being of the residents of our village promoted the creation of The Residents Group during the early months of Covid when we were basically confined to our homes. The group’s mission was and is to educate the community though events both in person and on zoom. Recent events include the celebration of Women’s History Month with a presentation by past and present women members and graduates of our Merchant Marine Academy, and the honoring of Lunar New Year with performances, food, and an art display.

His interest, along with the hard work of Pamela and Michael, in promoting our Village, has resulted in the openings of several new stores and restaurants. They continue to put in efforts to promote “shop and eat” local.

Non-residents of our village attending our Tuesday Summer Concerts, have commented how lucky we are to have a team that does so much to improve the quality of life for those who live here. An example of this, is the recent installation of flashing cross-walk stop signs and digital speed meters, making it easier for parents with young children and the elderly to cross.

We are looking forward to four more years under the leadership of Our Mayor, Ted Rosen, Deputy Mayor Pam Marksheid, and Trustee Michael DeLuccia.

Nancy Cutrone

Joyce Miller

Village of Great Neck Plaza

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