Roslyn Middle School hosts fourth annual roller coaster carnival

Roslyn Middle School hosts fourth annual roller coaster carnival
"Journey to the Stars" won the award for Most Creative. (Courtesy of Roslyn School District)

Seventh grade science students at Roslyn Middle School designed and constructed elaborate paper roller coasters for display in the school’s Fourth Annual Roller Coaster Carnival. Working in groups, students were tasked with creating coasters that transformed potential energy into kinetic energy.

A total of seventy coasters were constructed, each with a creative theme, such as: endless Cosmos, Get Out of my Swamp, and Love Tunnel.

“We are so proud of our roller coaster engineers,” said science teacher Ali Sparaco, who planned the lesson with fellow science teachers Jenna Ruber, Ann Marie Covino, and Brian Hoffner. “Each team applied what they learned in class and constructed paper roller coasters which safely transported a marble from the top to the bottom—effected only by the forces acting on it. What an honor it was to watch their learning come to life. All we can say is wow!”

Students had a chance to view each other's work during a multi-day science carnival—held in the library just prior to the winter recess. Students sent marbles down each rollercoaster to test their construction, then voted for three top spots. Prizes were given to Lego Skyfall for Most Thrilling, Journey to the Stars for Most Creative and Gravity Falls for Most Likely to be Built at an Amusement Park.

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