Albertson’s Rebmann Plumbing moves to Port Washington as biz expands

Albertson’s Rebmann Plumbing moves to Port Washington as biz expands
The Site of Rebmanns new approximate 18,000 sq ft office located at 24 Seaview Blvd Port Washington, NY 11050 (Photo by Sam Schultz)

By Samuel Schultz 

Rebmann Plumbing, a trusted service since 1938, has moved its offices to Port Washington. 

The business was recently bought out by NorthWinds Services Group. Rebmann, now a NorthWinds partner, outgrew its last facility located in Albertson, prompting the location change to Port Washington. The new office measures about 18,000 square feet compared to the previous 3,000-square-foot space.

NorthWinds acts as a parent company for a series of HVAC and plumbing businesses  to increase their brand. For Rebmann this partnership has provided them with a multitude of administrative help including a centralized human resources department and accounting help, along with a 30,000-square-foot training facility located in Rochester, N.Y.

“It gives us a lot more strength in the marketplace”, said Rebmann President Scott Ambrosio. 

Along with moving its location and joining NorthWinds group, Rebmann has bought out Miller Bros. plumbing previously located in New Hyde Park. After Miller Bros. sold its property Ambrosio reached out with an opportunity for Miller Bros to join Rebmann and its resources. 

“We work together as a group, it's been a phenomenal relationship,” said Ambrosio. 

The two principals from Miller Bros are heading the plumbing division at Rebmann.The partnership also allows for previous Miller Bros clients to become potential customers of the air-conditioning services that Rebmann offers. 

Both businesses are family-owned with Rebmann having served the Long Island community for over 85 years. Rebmann was founded by contractor Henry Rebmann in the 1930s. After building the business from the ground up, around 30 years later he sold it to Ambrosio’s father and uncle. Scott Ambrosio and Guy Colangelo now are responsible for running this third-generation Long Island business.

Initially when Scott Ambrosio took over the business, it only offered plumbing and heating services. With one truck and one to two mechanics Ambrosio ran the business steadily for 22 years. It wasn’t until then that Rebmann Plumbing incorporate air- conditioning services into the company's offerings.

Now with 27 employees and approximately 1,400 customers across Nassau and Suffolk county, Rebmann provides services including water filtration, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, air quality control and drain cleaning. 

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